We are proud to be nominated for liebster award 2017

Welcome to recipes by bangash

 Liebster award is an award that exists only on internet and give to blogger by other blogger and encourage bloggers to discover new blogs this is an amazing award to appreciate new bloggers for there work

Assalamualaikum guys I am Rubab Bangash and I am nominate for liebster award ( allahmdoilla) I am feeling honored to be nominate for liebster award. Yesterday when I was nominated for this I was so excited that I can’t explain it in words first I run to my mom and said : oh! Mom I am nominated for liebster award, So my mother said: Allah give you a lot of success in your life. And then I thank Allah in Namaz ( Prayer)  …..  May be for some people this is nothing but for me to  nominating for award is a first step toward success. When someone appreciates you for your work its mean you made it and one day you will be a successful blogger ( inshallah) for me every single step toward success is a big happiness because I am not very educated I just complete my education till (SSC Metric) and because of that I am nothing. I want to do something  in my life want to be successful 

I really like cooking and baking Cooking is  my passion and actual happiness whenever I am sad and I start  cooking my stress reduce and I feel happy. And my relatives and cousins really adore my dishes so one day my cousin told me that  why don’t you start sharing your recipes on Instagram. I create page in Instagram and I get a good response than I start making videos of my cooking and at the last I start writing blogs on my recipe and people really appreciate my blogs and I get a positive response from everyone even from every country they comment on my post and encourage me. Positive response from people is real success and happiness for me.

                       Made  by Rubab bangash

I am thankful to Sushovan Sinha from trendingtop5 who nominate me for this award   and second I want to thank that lady who Share my blog and comment on my post that ( your blog is well done) 

Rules of liebster award

Advise for New blog blogger

Be yourself , write about your favorite thing , feel when you write about something. Do hard work. 

 Questions :

  1.  Describe your self 
  2. How you start writing blogs
  3. What you want to do in your life
  4. Nominate 15 peoples
  5. Give few advise to new bloggers 
  6. What is your favorite song
  7. What is your favorite dish
  8. What you like to wear
  9. What  you want to do in your life
  10. How you are feeling to be nominate
  11. What is your favorite color

Now it’s time of nomination

Ofyi India

Tanushree agrwal

Kim tungol

Cassidy slockett

Syed Jawad

Maxine Carson

Jessica StCleir

Marufa Pramanik

Kenze clarke

Maria Durante

Pooja Jp

Alanna marie

Laura Guzman-Niewiadomski

Amy mcCarroll

Thank you guys have fun and make your self successful with your efforts.


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