Semolina desert in caramel bowl ( souji ka halva) 

Assalamualaikum and welcome to recipes by bangash here you will get new and interesting Recipes 😊

Semolina desert is very popular in India and Pakistan.. they make this desert in special occasions like Eid ,Dewali and festivities. And in our village when girls get married so this is a first dish which they make in their in-laws house And we called this dessert (Soji ka halva). Semolina dessert taste so yummy so scrumptious that everyone like it. The toothsome semolina is my father most favorite dessert he just adore this. And in winter  I always used to make semolina dessert for him. And Winters are coming So rock your Winters with this sweetened, delicious, semolina dessert and make it more delicious and delightful with your efforts and love❤

In semolina desert I have used dry fruits, milk, sugar, Cardamoms and of course semolina, without semolina this dish is incomplete. And most of the people like to make this in ( Desi gee) but as I don’t like Desi gee so I always make this in oil but you can make this in butter Desi gee and oil. And of course I have made a caramel bowl for this semolina desert actually I alway like to do something different and giving presentation to food is one of my hobby. So I was thinking that how I will decorate semolina desert. So caramel bowl first come in my mind and I made it 😊 ​

    Benefits in semolina

    Semolina is good for diabetes, semolina is vital for important body function, semolina is also good for weight lose, and semolina provide great energy

    Recipe of of semolina 

    • Semolina flour ( 250 gram)
    • Sugar ( 170 gram)
    • Cardamoms (4)
    • Milk (1 cup)
    • Oil  (1 cup)
    • Dry fruits (according to you)
    • For caramel bowl
    • Suger  ( 1 cup)


    1. In one bowl add semolina flour and 1 cup of milk, for half an hour.
    2. Take a fry pan, Add one cup oil in it.
    3. Then add sugar and mix it, until its change color into brown.
    4. Add Cardamoms and immediately add semolina into it.
    5. Mix it until when semolina get brown in color, look glossy and does not stick to pan. So take off pan from stove and garnish with dry fruits.
    6. How to make bowl of caramel
    7. Take a sauce pan and add sugar. Cook it until its change into brown color .
    8. Take a bowl spray it with oil. 
    9. Low cool down the caramel.
    10. Drizzle the caramel all around the bowl. And let it get cooled
    11. Remove it very gently from bowl. And put in plate.
    12. Add semolina dessert in caramel bowl and garnish with dry fruits.

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      1. skd says:

        Very interesting! InshaaAllah I will try this presentation.

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