Mutton Dum Pokht

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Delicious and delightful dum Pokt is most popular dish in Pakhtun culture. They really adore this dish and make in special occasions. Dum Pokt is Pashto word which mean slow cooking. Yeah this mutton is cook on very slow flame and this dish take a lot of time to cook. The cooking hour of this dish is least 2 to 3 hours. And mutton Dum Pokt is cook in a lot of meat, very less spices and little amount of vegetables and most of the people use fat (lam) instead of oil. It taste very rich very salty. Dam pokht is an apetizing food for meat lovers. So what are you waiting for go and make this decision dish to your family and make it more scrumptious with your efforts and love❤❤

Recipe of dum Pokt

  • Motton  ( hlaf goat)
  • Sheep fat (few pieces)
  • Garlic
  •  Full Lemon
  • Full Onions 
  • Full Potatoes
  •  Full Tomatoes
  • Green chillies


    1.  Add all things in a big pot and salt
    2. Make a rope of dough and stick around the edge of pot and cover it 
    3. Transfer the pot on the stove and keep on a low flame for 2 hours
    4. When meat is finally cooked serve with naan or roti.
    5. Enjoy with soft drink .

               Write by Rubab bangash


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    1. Banafsheh says:

      Amazing . Thanks for the recipe

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