Afghani beef pulao

Assalamualaikum and welcome to recipes by bangash here you will get new and interesting Recipes for your menu 😊

Aghani pulao is heavenly tasty and scrumptious dish of Afghanistani cuisine As you probably know that I like to try different  food Recipe and especially that Recipes I really enjoy to write which are  related to pakhtun culture. because I am pathan 😜 So let me tell you about this Afghani food Afghani pulao or kabuli pulao are same dish, some people called it Afghani pulao and some kabuli pulao. This is specialty of Afghanistan. But this dish is famous in every country like Pakistan and India. People really adore this appetizing rice and enjoy on special occasions and family get-together.. I took this Recipe from my mother she is my teacher I learned most of delicious Recipes from my lovely mom❤ 

Afghani puluo is little abstruse Recipe you have to give a lot of time to make this dish delicious . In Afghani pulao main ingredient is beef and beef bouillon if you want to make it taste heavenly tasty so you need beef,  in a lot of measure. And good quality of rice as well. And very little amount of spices because in Afghani cousins i had seen many Recipe that it’s made in very less spices. Might be in their cousins they don’t adore spicy food. And  second main ingredient are carrots,  dry grapes and sugar which change this recipe from every recipe and make this dish extremly flavorful. So guys what are you waiting for, go and make this dish more luscious with your efforts and love ❤

Recipe of Afghani pulao

  • Rice (1kg)
  • Salt ( to taste)
  • Garam masla ( 2 tsp)
  •  Oil ( according to you)
  • For garnishing
  • Carrot ( only 1)
  •  Dry grapes ( 1 cup)
  • Sugar ( 1 tbsp)
  • For beef bouillon
  • Beef ( 1 and half kg)
  • Salt ( to taste)
  • Garlic ( 4 cloves)
  • Turmeric powder ( 1 tsp)


  1. Soak rice in water for 1 hour
  2. Take a pressure cooker, add beef. Turmeric powder ,salt and garlic in it and cook for 1 hour.
  3. Take another pot add oil according to you and then add cut onions and fry until it’s change color into brown.
  4. Take out fried onions in plate and make paste of fried onions.
  5. Then in same pot add boiled beef and fry it for 2 mins. Then add onion paste in it and mix it well
  6. After that add salt and garam masala in mix it.
  7. Add beef bouillon and in a fried beef and after 5 mins add rice.
  8. Cook it on slow flame.
  9. For garnishing
  10. Take a fry pan add 1 tbsp oil and then add suger. Mix it until sugar melt.
  11. Then add  carrots into oil and sugar mixture cook it for 5 mins then add dry grapes. Mix it. And take off pan from stove
  12. When pulao is finally cooked.. add fry vegetables into pulao and mix it. So pulao will change its color 
  13. Dish out afghani pulao. And serve it with chatni, raita and salad. 

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