How to Enjoy Noddles Without Gaining Weight 

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Noodles are the ultimate food for a person who is unable to spend more than two minutes standing in the kitchen. So what if they are hungry? No more than two minutes. and then you want something extremely delicious or a fit is absolutely expected. But no more than two minutes. If you are busy and don’t have time to cook something with long method. So noodles are the best time saver Recipe. And in this you don’t need any special ingredients, just a packet of noodle ,water and sauce pan, and two minutes of your busy life as well😋

So guys I am a huge fan of noodles junkie and I always want to eat it  because it’s very flavorful and delicious but there is one big disadvantage of consuming too much noodles, i.e. weight gain. Who could have thought something so delicious and easy-to-make can have such a big role in doubling up the folds in our belly, and that double chin as well. And all plan of maintaining your self are spoiled. So little bit of trick and hacks you can enjoy every food. 

So guys  I have a great hack for you to overcome this problem. How many of you have cooked Biryani? They say that biryani is not as fattening as other dishes that include rice.  Well, if you have had experience once in your lifetime to cook biryani (or have watched it being cooked), you know that when you boil the rice, you drain all the water out. That removes all the Carbohydrates from it; so all the starch is drained along with the water.

Same goes with noodles. Let the noodles boil for a minute. Drain the water; you will see the carbohydrates (the water will be whitish). Add some more water to the pot as if rinsing off the noodles; drain that water as well. Add a small amount of water to the noodles, bring it boil. This is the perfect time to add the spices. Let the noodles cook and viola! The perfect healthy noodles are ready to be served. You wouldn’t notice a slight difference in the taste, but it would feel light and healthy; and make a huge difference in your diet. So guys what are you waiting for enjoy noodles without gaining weight and with little efforts and Sense you can enjoy every thing 😉

          Write by Rubab bangash 


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  1. B. says:

    Wise and useful advice! 😉😄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. joanne koo says:

    I have been told this by my mom. Also to wash off any preservatives. But always felt lazy.

    Now your blog post gives me motivation to do the extra step. Tks.

    Liked by 2 people

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