Roasted Fish

Winter is coming, and November is going to start soon, so I thought that I should make something very tasty which make our tooth buds change in this awesome season. When rains drizzle and you baked awesome Roasted fish in cold weather and serve to your family with beautiful salad. Follow my recipe and make little efforts and add a pinch of love can make this dish more delicious than my one😉
What is pangasius Fish: 

Pangasius fish is the popular fish of Southeast Asia. This fish is mild-flavored, frim-textured and white-flashed fish. It is a farm raised fish, mostly produced by countries of Asia. This fish is produce in fresh water and because of that, this fish can be medium large or very large. They are heavy and Stout. This fish mostly served with a spicy lemon juice people really like it in this way. But I have baked this fish in a lot of spices and serve with salad. 


Pangasius fish contains a lot of nutritions like protein, low fats, cholesterol, sodium vitamin B12, vitamins D, thiamin, potassium, iron, phosphorus and selenium.


Pangasius fish is  good for health, its help in weight lose, It is good for hair growth, Good for bones. Helps in reduce the heart disease.


  • Pangasius fish
  • Garlic paste
  • Vinger
  • Soya sauce 
  • Chilli sauce
  • Red peppers
  • Black peppers
  • Salt 
  • Oil ( 3 tbsp)


  1.  Take a bowl add vinger, soya sauce, chilli sauce, garlic paste, oil and all spices together and mix it well.
  2. Take fish in big tray add mixture very  gently on both sides.
  3. Marinate  for 4 hours.
  4. Baked on 200 C° for 30 mins.
  5. Dish out and serve it with lemon sauce and salad.

              Written by Rubab bangash


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    1. ohiocook says:

      Thank you for following my blog!


    2. laurabon says:

      Looks delicious 😊

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    3. Mmmm, this looks so yummy

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    4. Look like so delicious! Thanks Rubab. Good luck and keep up the good job.

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    5. I do like fish, but rarely ever make it. It seems intimidating to me! This recipe looks really yummy! Thank you for stopping by my place, and for the follow. I’m doing the same and looking forward to reading some more recipes!

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      1. Sure.. and thank you😊😊😊

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