Cinnamon tea health benefits

Cinnamon is a spice. Which is obtained from the inner part of the specific tree. It is sweet and spicy flavor bark and good for everyone. It has been prized from it’s medical properties for thousands of years. Once upon a time cinnamon was expensive from the gold because of their health benefits. Cinnamon is effective tool in managing the disease. It’s have a lot of health benefits for man and women.

Nutrition in cinnamon.

Cinnamon contains a lot of nutritions like, cholesterol, potassium, protein, selenium, magnesium and vitamin K 

Benefits of cinnamon tea.

There is a lot of benefits of cinnamon tea which we will discus one by one.

Weight lose.

Daily one or two cup of cinnamon tea can help you in weight lose. Essentially by reducing the amount of insulin blood suger. So cinnamon reduce blood suger and due to this your body will store less fat and you will lose your weight easily.
Improve Digestion.

Cinnamon tea help in digestion, as a digestion aid, has a stimulating effect on gastric juice and stomach acids. This makes digestion more efficient and effective leading to lower chance of gas constipation, bloating, cramping, stomach upset.

Control periods.

Most of the people think that cinnamon tea increase the blood flow during periods, actually they are wrong, No cinnamon tea does not. Cinnamon tea stops heavy menstrual bleeding and give relaif during pain. It is also used by many women to prevent or delay their menstrual cycle.

Good for heart patience.

Cinnamon effects on glycemic and lipid levels in the body which reduce their concentration and that is a good for those who is concerned about their heart, by lowering HDL cholesterol level. So cinnamon is able to lower your chance of having heart attack or strock.

Control high blood pressure.

According to Amarica college of nutrition cinnamon, actually helps in reduce blood pressure. Taking one cup of cinnamon tea decrease your high blood pressure level for a long time.

Helps in treatment of type 2 diabetes

Cinnamon is the key in increasing insulin sensitivity in the body. Cinnamon which is completely non-toxic repair the receptors so they are responsible to insulin. It normalize suger level. And protect you.


How to make cinnamon tea.

  1. Take a pot , add 2 cup of water in it.
  2. Than add 1 cinnamon bark or 1 tsp ground cinnamon . And boil for 10 mins.
  3.  Strain the tea into cup. 
  4. Enjoy.

             Written by Rubab Bangash

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  1. Yum I love teat and cinnamon!

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  2. Cathryn says:

    Thanks for sharing this good information.

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  3. Good article, thanks.

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  4. richwrapper says:

    Thanks so much: I knew a good bit of your treatise, but your organization and presentation are greatly appreciated.

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    1. Aww thank you so very much sir😊

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  5. Love cinnamon and using it everyday! Amazing facts!

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  6. Phyllis Rogers says:

    Reblogged this on Life On The Lake and commented:
    Recipes by Bangash is a blog I follow. This is today’s post. After reading all the health benefits researched, I had to reblog so I can easily find it to try it. I thought I would share it so others might benefit as well.

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  7. kimelenecarr says:

    I enjoyed your post. I would like to start having one or two cups per day. I am also going to start the 40 day diet plan you posted previously. I have a question though… If I have usually low blood pressure should I still drink cinnamon tea?

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    1. Yes it control your bbp level in every stage 😊

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      1. And you can add little bit of salt in your cinnamon tea. So that is also very good

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      2. kimelenecarr says:

        Thanks… will try it 🙂

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  8. jyo says:

    Awesome info ✌

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  9. mistimaan says:

    Nice sharing

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  10. gary j says:

    please forgive me, I do not look after myself, your beautiful recipes are so amazing.
    You like my poems. Thankyou. I cook so little, live hungry, I am alone you see, so cooking has not the pleasure anymore. I live to dream and write. to be a better person in small ways. many people have not food. I wish we all could dine at your table.

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    1. Well said.. I wish too ..

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      1. gary j says:

        peace and love to you and yours.

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      2. Thank you so much ❤

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      3. gary j says:

        you are welcome.

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  11. Thanks for the beneficial reminder….I love cinnamon!

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  12. Clare Pooley says:

    I have enjoyed reading your posts this evening. Lots of delicious recipes and this one especially is very interesting. Thank-you very much for visiting my blog and for the follow.

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  13. Silverio says:

    I love cinnamon and I enjoy it every day during my snack. Sometimes I also use to spice my coffee.

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  14. Quite an informative post. Thank you for stopping by at Masalachilli. Appreciate your gesure. Cheers.

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  15. I currently use cinnamon to control type 2 diabetes. You must also get exercise but the cinnamon helps me enough that I don’t need other meds.

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  16. Thank you! I love the taste and smell of cinnamon since my childhood days, but I had no idea that is is so healthy… My blood pressure is slightly to high, and I want to lose some weight, so I will start to drink cinnamon tea immediately.

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    1. Best wishes for your health.. and all the best 😊

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  17. Dr B says:

    Nice Blog and thanks for sharing this good information.

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  18. Amazing and informative post. Can’t wait to try this recipe🙂

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    1. Thank you. And all the best

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  19. matchapony says:

    Wow! This is so interesting and helpful.

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  20. here is another tea recipe that has a lot of value to the body:
    An anti-inflammatory + tea:
    2 Cups Water
    (spices can be fresh or ground)
    1-2 TSP Turmeric
    1/4 TSP Nutmeg
    1/4 TSP Cloves
    peel in fresh ginger 1-2 TSP
    Cinnamon, milk, honey… to flavor
    Boil everything together for 8-15 minutes (the longer the more beneficial the tea will be, as the heat will extract the nutrients into the tea)
    Strain, Serve, Enjoy

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    1. Thank for sharing .. I will try

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  21. Orvillewrong says:

    As a sufferer of diabetes and angina, I found your blog both informative and helpful!

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  22. zheroz says:

    Nice recipe @Rubab bangash
    I am a tea lover and i will definitely try this recipe…
    From @zheroz

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  23. Dr B says:

    Thanks for sharing this good information.
    I love cinnamon and I currently use cinnamon to control my Weight.

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  24. Reblogged this on .

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